Though Nelson’s commonplace subjects surely relate to Claes Oldenburg’s clothespins and plugs, he does not submit them to radical

transformations of scale and texture. With the exception of color, the Holos are resolutely

accurate, as cooly descriptive and dead pan as Chuck Close’s portraits...Their serial arrangement, for example, recalls Sol LeWitt’s analytical compositions of geometric forms...

Howard N. Fox, Curator; Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, 1979

Never simply Super Realistic, his work always questions the reality of physical existence, and appeals to some alienated modern sense of the existentially absurd...This overstuffed trash bag that invites wry comparison with the Elgin marbles, the Nike of Samothrace, and Bernini as well as Michelangelo, has something to say. Its exquisitely draped folds that delineate not some ideal torso but a load of technological rubbish are an ironic metaphor of our materialistic culture...

Kim Levin, Arts Magazine, October 1981

“Hefty 2-Ply”, 1981-82, Hand Carved, Carrara Statuario Marble; Collection Walker Art Center, Mpls, MN

HOLOS/Series 12, No.1; 1984, Hand Carved, Carrara Statuario Marble; Collection: Guggenheim Museum, NY, NY

HOLOS/Series 33, No.4; 1997, Hand Carved, Carrara Statuario Marble & Rust; Private Collection

HOLOS/Series 10, No.4; 1984, Hand Carved, Carrara Statuario Marble; Private Collection

Still Life Study; 1986, Hand Carved, Carrara Statuario Marble & Roman Travertine Marble; Private Collection

HOLOS/Series 16, No.1; 1986, Hand Carved, Belgian Black Marble; Private Collection

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Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

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23 June – 29 September 2013


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